Dutch Film “Briefgeheim” (The Secret Letter)

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Dear friends of TulipTV! We received a request about where you can buy the DVD of the following Dutch film with English subtitles. Can anybody help? Please write a comment or send us an e-mail to TulipTV@abcofilm.com! Thank you!

The secret letter: a film to the book of Dutch writer Jan Terlouw

Director: Simone van Dusseldorp
Dutch with English subtitles
Duration: 87 minutes

** Winner of the Jury Prize, Best Dutch Children’s Film, Cinekid 2010**

In this adaptation of the successful children’s book by Jan Terlouw, eleven-year-old Eva runs away from her quarrelling parents and hides out with her best friends Jackie and Thomas. When Eva finds a secret letter and gets caught in the garden of neighbour Brandsma, the head of a criminal organization, her plan gets an unexpected turn. Brandsma tells Eva that her father works for him. Eva does not believe him, but the more she finds out, the more it seems likely that he is.

“Secret Letter” is an exciting film about friendship, mystery and adventure. The importance of friendship between the three youngsters forms a central theme. Her friends do not only support her when Eva wants to run away, but also when she returns with a big secret: they all swear to keep it a secret. The friendship supports Eva in her search for the truth, in contrast with the lack of trust in her parents: is her father working for criminal Brandsma or not? To find this out, Eva is not just following Brandsma’s words, but is taking control herself. With her friends she investigates the situation. A big portion of courage and adventurous conditions makes this film smooth and interesting from beginning to end.

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VIFF 2014 is just around the corner!

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Soon it’s this time of the year again: From September 25 – October 10, 2014, the Vancouver International Film Festival will screen almost 350 of the world’s finest films from more than 70 different countries. Also some Dutch and Belgian films are part of it. Here’s a small selevtion:

NewBoobsNew Boobs
Netherlands, 2013, 68min., directed by Sacha Polak
“The frankness of the title reflects Sacha Polak’s uncommon candour in this reflective, unsentimental and incredibly personal documentary. Having inherited a rare cancer gene, is a preventive mastectomy the answer for Polak? What if it’s all for naught and cancer never appears? Does such a surgery diminish or alter one’s feminity? Nearing the age at which cancer tragically claimed her mother, the filmmaker urgently searches for answers.” VIFF The Complete Guide

Oct 02, 10 pm, The Cinematheque
Oct 06, 2:45 pm, The Cinematheque
Oct 07, 7 pm, Rio Theatre

OutOfReachRainNightOut of Reach (Rain Night)
Belgium/Netherlands, 2014, 8 min., directed by Pablo Diartinez
Among the International Shorts: “A poet wanders around Brussels in this stunning collage of animation, graphics and text.” VIFF The Complete Guide

Oct 04, 6:30 pm, International Village #8
Oct 08, 12 pm, The Cinematheque

AboveUsAllAbove Us All
Netherlands/Belgium, 2014, 99 min., directed by Eugenie Jansen
“A daring formal experience lies at the heart of this exploration of loss. Eugenie Jansen films her own story – a young, half-aboriginal girl copes with being transplanted from Australia to Belgium after her mother’s death – in 50 fps 3D and uses 360-degree pans to evoke time’s inexorable movement. The result is a boundary-pushing drama that is affecting as it is bold in execution.” VIFF The Complete Guide

Oct 04, 7 pm Vancity Theatre
Oct 05, 1:30 pm Vancity Theatre

Get you tickets and enjoy! :)


This episode is devoted to two important days coming up very soon: the Remembrance Day (May 4th) and the Liberation Day (May 5th) of The Netherlands.

Barbara Arnold visits the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre which was having a very special exhibition: “Enemy Aliens”. Nina Krieger, Executive Director, tells us that this exhibition adresses a very little known part of Canadian history: In Canada, during World War II, Jewish refugees from Germany, have been interned together with other prisoners of war due to their German nationality. They have been considered “Enemy Aliens”. While showing us around, Nina tells about the project and the story of certain exhibits.

For her interview, this time, Barbara is having two special guests. Dr. Robert Krell, Prof. Emeritus of Psychiatry, survived World War II as a Jewish child hidden in Holland. Bert Norden, Veteran and Creative Video Editor, served in the Dutch army during the war. Both tell about the very different lives they experienced during the time of the war in Holland, and emphasize the meaning of memory and that history is there for the next generations to learn from.

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